Thursday, March 28, 2019

Favorite News Stories This Week

I thought the FOUNDERS created a document that made this bullshit illegal but I may be mistaken. I just assumed that Presidents made their money AFTER they served their nation, not DURING. The system is corrupt enough without the power of the U.S. governement to sweeten the urge to be corrupt and trump is corrupt enough. He doesn't need help.
Yeh, this seems about right. Maybe there was nothing wrong with the ASH but the children. Maybe they are just evil like the Devil.

Thanks Mueller. You knew these GOP maggots just wouldn't take their win and go home. And because the Democrats are such spineless weaklings they will totally be overrun by this new narrative.
You got off lucky lady. Any little arguement would immeditely lead in a fight to the death and you can never win all of those.
Oh that poor thing. Life has been so unfair to her. Maybe this tantrum will bring her 'brand' back to life. Please, don't anyone tell her the truth. Let her find comfort in being a victim. How could something like this ever happen to this wonderful angel who only want to live her life and bring joy to us all with her insights on hair and make-up. Now we will never know what a contributing member of society that she could have become. She was robbed of what she so rightfully deserves. A pretty white girl with rich celebrity parents can't get a break these days,

I don't care if it's true or not because this is exactly how she would act under these circumstances. Another victim of the haters. How does she and her idiot boss attact this kind of negative attention. What has she ever done to deserve the scorn she recieves? I mean aside from being the second or third or fourth worst person on the planet. With billions on people to choose from she has distinquished herself. I hope history remembers her kindly.

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dan muray said...

Sorry but you could not be more wrong--we still love our flawed president---God bless him--dan m