Friday, March 15, 2019

Favorite Headlines This Week

Why not just ship the kid in a pet carrier on the very next flight?
I only ever pee this way. Let me sign your name in the snow, baby.
All you are known for is being pretty and NOW you find out your folks had to pay to get you into school because you were too much of a lazy dumbass. And your fake sport was CREW? I assue you that neither girl knows what CREW actually is.

Oh those poor pretty girls. What ever will they do now?
Well at least they have college educations to fall back on.
That is why this one is so delicious. No one ever gets shit for being white and pretty and rich and entitled and I am loving to see it for once. White assholes. I want to see their grades now. I demand it as someone who is enjoying this one very much.

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