Friday, March 29, 2019

Killdozer RULES

I understand from a good auhority that DISNEY owns the rights to the greatest story ever concieved by the mind of man. As Tolsty famously said. There are three kinds of stories. - Man comes to town, man leaves town and Killdozer.

Where did you here this? No, you don't understand. KILLDOZER is MY JAM. It was on the television the first time I ever made out with a girl. It took me most of the movie to get from the chair I ws sitting to the couch she was on. Then her folks came home. SO WHERE IS MY KILLDOZER MOVIE MOUSE? Now that I know I can never NOT know. You know?



Count Robot said...

i've always wanted to see this movie.
the gil kane cover of the comic is great.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It's out there. It's the greatest made for TV movie ever. Appointment TV in the 70s. I remember that night so well. We were suppose to watch the Canadian election results but I watched Killdozer and kissed the girl instead.

Count Robot said...

wise choice my friend. wise choice