Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Goodbye Mello Brick Road

Welcome to the biggest behemoth of an episode you ever did see from Goodbye Mello Brick Road – months in the making. In the most ambitious project and crossover to date, join Dave Mello as he traverses the globe to speak with twenty-three different beloved friends and family members. In this five-hour marathon of fun conversations and Marvel obsessions, over thirty characters are mentioned as Dave has assembled his own team of Avengers to rank the five best Marvel characters!

In terms of time stamps, you can jump around and listen to any list that may pique your interest. Dave welcomes new friends of the podcast and old as he interviews:

Ryan Foley (7:13), Allison Folse (36:01), Jenn Nicol (48:02)

Tim Gomez (1:05:53), Tyler Clardy (1:16:19), Humad Shah (1:44:18)

Calvin Heighton (2:01:30), Nancy, Joseph, and Nicole Mello (2:30:21), Aunt Jacki Tibbitts (2:57:00)

Alyssa Yarboro (3:06:12), Sophie Woodcock (3:12:13), Courtney Colen (3:25:41), Kelsey Elliott (3:34:24)

Jessica Flacksenburg (3:41:46), Zev Behar (3:53:06), Patrick Raiford (4:05:28), Kelsey Mahoney (4:19:22)

Lach (4:29:24), Jaymi Souza (4:35:47), Caleb Cleveland (4:43:53), Chris Doyle (4:52:04)

I was so honored to be a part of this podcast event. I have known me young David since he was in elementary school through his Father who was a big early supporter of the Cave of Cool. Despite popular mythology those few early years were shaky, not from content but from followers. I had none. Then Dave's Father started leaving nice comments and soon I felt like that crazy uncle in prison that the family still writes to because they know he was framed by THE MAN. I love the way he gave the start times so I didn't go mental looking for myelf. This was also the first time I ever heard his parents speak. Or his sister Nicole who is just about my most favorite human on this planet. This was a gift and a treat to me. Thanks for including me Dave.



Debra She Who Seeks said...

So great!

Cracked Like An Egg said...

Of course! Thank you so much for coming on; it means a lot that you participated! The kinship is a joy, undoubtedly.

As for Marvel, we're in the endgame now!

Caffeinated Joe said...

Just finished, took all morning! But great to hear everyone, you included, talk about the characters and the storylines. Good fun! Here's to a great movie! I have to go internet-silent, not seeing it until tomorrow night, myself. :)