Saturday, April 27, 2019

My Troll Is So Lame That's It's Embarrassing

How pathetic and low rent do you have to be if you are using the names of my followers to try to defeat comment moderation? Of course that failed because he's still an idiot. I only bring up this trump supporting loser to remind him/her that they have no effect on my life, whatsoever.  The stuff I scoop out of the cat's litter box means more to me than anything this poor, sad, little maggot has to say on any topic. When a person doesn't use their own name to make comments you know they are ashamed of who they are and what they believe. Totally beneath my notice.



kevinp said...

How can anyone with half a brain still support tRump...I just don't get it..he doesn't give a shit about his supporters or anyone else besides himself.

Michelle Obama's Left Nut said...

All you needed to do was be polite and have a conversation. Instead you had insults and were racist.

Have a nice day, Calvin.