Saturday, April 27, 2019

Sometimes The World Reminds Me That There Is Always Hope

The look outside my front door at noon today. There was nothing yesterday. Now it looks like Narnia out there and that can only mean one thing. ASLAN is on the move and with him he brings righteous justice against all who do evil in the World.

Wouldn't it be cool if an ACTUAL mythical lion of great power showed up to just eat Donald Trump on the front lawn of the White House during Prime Time? It would be the all time highest rated show on the food network, EVER!


nolan said...

Cool photo, thought it was b&w at first.
But damn it looks cold! I'm a total soyboy when it comes to freezing weather. Coldest I've ever experienced was minus 3 or 5 celsius and I felt like Jack at the end of the Shining...

Debra She Who Seeks said...

All the weather reports said it would just be CALGARY that got snow. That's only fair so who cares, but what's up with all THIS bullshit?