Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Warrior - Episode 2

This one plays like an old time pulp grindhouse picture. Only it's on Cinemax weekly. Balletic killing that redefines up close and personal and enough sex to round out the rougher edges. It's very interesting though. The concept is very high but they play it straight. The costumes and set design is very lush and I like all the Chinese immigrant touches. San Francisco at this time in history was an insane mix of crime and corruption where everyone was out for themselves.

I especially like the story arc of the young cop from Georgia who fought in the Civil War. You know that despite his gentle nature that he is a damaged soul. He is a great detective though. A modern detective. Maybe the first ever who looks at a crime scene and knows exactly what happened. Call it CSI Tong Wars. He's a little naieve but determined while his older supervisor is corrupt and tired with vices of his own.

As the bodies start to pile up it's hard to find anyone to like. I know that is intentional. It's at once luscious and disturbing in one scene. Each character can at times be a broad stereotype but it all works because everyone is on board with the tone.

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