Thursday, April 18, 2019

Headlines Of The Week

And you are buying that chair.
And why does IKEA make a testicle trapping chair?
I knew this would happen. I knew someone would see something in the smoke but I have only one question. If JEEBUS was really there, in the flames, wouldn't he have put OUT the fire instead of just filling his pockets with relics before going back to do whatever he does these days?
Sure, why the Hell, not.
Oh sorry...SCIENCE
Why are these guys so fearful when we know they are the ones who want and crave the loving touch of a man the most?
Again. What is with these Christians?
A Trump working at the World Bank? Yeh, that's believable. In what Universe does a TRUMP get the keys to a well of corruption that big? Oh right. All the other thieves will band together to keep them the hell out anyways because that family breaks everything it touches.
This is a really bad idea. Just saying.
 Two words - Raccoon City

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

Christians . . . just when you thought they couldn't get any nuttier . . . .