Friday, July 3, 2020

Why Does One Of My Favorite Shows NEED This Harley Asshole?

I HATE Harley on Deadliest Catch. He's a lowlife bum, a crab thief, a loser, who needs others to help him find the crab he can never find himself. And he makes lame threats ON CAMERA. You know, they call it the deadliest job in the world for a reason and maybe Harley's luck will run out.

HE FUCKED WITH THE BOYS ON THE CORNELIA MARIE? The best boat at actually FINDING the best crab? What a pair of pussies. You let a bully make you look like little girls ON THE BERING SEA??? I can barely stand to look at the two of you. Josh, your Father would be ashamed.

I just want to drop Harley off the stern, quiet, like a ghost. No clue as to what happen. That's life on the sea when you are an ASSHOLE.

Since MOBY DICK I have a ridiculously low tolerance for ASSHOLES on small boats in rough seas. They never make the trip better. They only make me obsess about how I can make them fall off the ship when no one is looking.

Oh I have the same policy for assholes in spaceships, spaces stations, Marian colonies, Moon bases and underwater research facilities. If you are an ASSHOLE you got to go. Only then can I get some work done...until the next asshole appears. How far would I go you ask. I got no problem being the last survivor. They shouldn't have enclosed me with assholes in the first place.

Deadliest Catch is compelling enough without adding a dangerous asshole to the mix. I want to watch real fishermen not dirt bags with boats. Fuck you Harley.

Don't worry Calvin. This is reality TV and I know that they already wrote the scene where someone settles your hash but good. And I will be right there to enjoy it.

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