Tuesday, September 15, 2020

From The Collection Of Cool


From the genius design studios of McFarlane toys. I bought these when they first came out in the 90s. True Canadian icons and genius characterizations by two comedy originals from SCTV, THE greatest sketch comedy show in Canadian History (sorry Wayne and Shuster).  It's always the little details that make a McFarlane toy so cool. I never want to open one because you only lose the little stubby beer bottles. They also display really well in the package.

I had these three pieces from the 1990s Swamp Thing toy line that came with the cartoon. I liked the box art but was not a great fan of the line or the cartoon. But I thought maybe I could use them to trade for some treasures from Stan's Magic Warehouse.

These were the first three I picked up. I probably could have gotten more but once I got the Big Jim Camper, I kinda went woozy there for a second. Every time I have been in Stan's warehouse, I have asked about that Camper. I dreamed about that Camper. I tried to get the Fonzie but he denied me that.

Once I had gotten my four pieces I looked up and saw this Godzilla set. I thought about just getting the Godzilla but Stan reminded me that it's a whole set and should go as such. In that moment I could have got other figures for myself and left the Godzilla Kaiju behind but I got this urge to share the wealth with figures that are hard to find in Red Deer, and would be appreciated by my dear buddy, Jeremy who is a freak for all things Godzilla related. It was the right thing to do. I don't regret my decision one bit. It feels good to pay it forward.

My Big Jim Camper is not complete but is 80% complete and for a toy that is 50 years old, that is fantastic. This was the piece I wanted the most from Stan. I have such great memories of all things Big Jim which my Dad insured I got whenever it was appropriate to buy me a gift. Always action figures or vehicles or playsets but all those pieces were for figures that wore cloth clothing and had incredibly thought out sets with high play value. I know I rant about the lid on the coffee pot but COME ON...who would CARE? Big Jim cared and I care. The plastic vehicle parts on my camper are crisp and still have that great vinyl smell. The glass windshield is clear. Oh boy, that's the good stuff.

These three pieces are great. El Kabong, Gremlins and the Trinity. The Gremlins are now part of that great book and figure set I got awhile back.

I love this book on the Gremlins movie written by Roald Dahl and animated by Disney. The book is beautiful but having the PVC figures is just as great. Part of my recent trade with Stan combined with a gift from Pat.

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