Thursday, September 17, 2020

My Life Sucks So Much


Rob R said...

Agree completely! Not a fan of the new Blogger. What a pain in the ass now that they are not allowing us the option of using the old version! Grrrr....!

Rob R said...

I just sent Blogger feedback telling them I hate the update...

Tim Knight said...

See? You posted a picture. My picture, admittedly, but a picture nonetheless ;)

The way I post pictures in the "new" blogger is:
(1) click on 'insert image'
(2) click on 'upload from computer'
(3) wait (ages) for window to open where I can select an image from my hard drive.

Tim Knight said...

P.S. I see people have been telling you you might have reached your "limit" for pictures, but I don't believe there is a limit these days (and there hasn't been one for years).

When we both started using Blogger there was a clearly stated limit to the amount of room we were each allocated for pictures, but now, I believe, the sky's the limit.

This is Google we're talking about, they pretty much own the Internet and all the Clouds.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

See I can't even download pictures from my computer. I have to wait until I see a picture like the one you had of the tombstone, copy the URL then add the picture that way. It won't let me download several pictures at once.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

That photo says it all!

Here's how I post photos now. I see one I like -- I click-drag-and-drop it at the side of my screen. Then I open iPhoto and click-drag-and-drop it into a designated blog photo folder. Then in my draft post, I use the "insert image" button on the toolbar to "upload from computer" and select it from my iPhoto folder. It appears in my post and then I use the size icon on the toolbar to make it x-large.

But I can only upload photos one at a time because if I select a whole string of them, New Blogger posts them in reverse order, the bastard.

Everything takes 3 times longer and is 3 times harder in New Blogger. I hate it. I used to just be able to click-drag-and-drop photos and images directly into my draft post. SO much quicker and easier.

Tim Knight said...

I occasionally get some message about something like "unable to connect" or something, but I simply click "upload from computer" again and it works the second time. The system is clearly very glitchy :(

Persevere. Never give up! Never surrender!