Wednesday, December 2, 2020

What Is This Now?


Sigh, there was a time when I knew everything that Marvel was doing - all the characters and all the storylines, even if I read them in their collected trade paperbacks. I was waiting for the moment when something would sneak by me and this is it. I have to know who this spunky newcomer is and WHY she is the new Daredevil and what her relationship is with Matt Murdock,  the only Daredevil we have ever known.

I see from the Sai blade that this character is more than likely ELECTRA.


Chase March said...

Daredevil is my favourite character in comics. I haven't read this run of the series yet. Waiting on the hardcover editions. The first one comes out in March. Exciting!

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I have to know what happened up to this point as well. I like Daredevil comic too. They leave it alone enough to allow good stories to be told. Good creators get the gig and I am rarely let down by a Daredevil arc.