Friday, February 26, 2021

Superman and Lois (Pilot)

I never miss these pilots episodes because I support any superhero show that I can. After awhile, unfortunately, the shows have all devolved into 1/4 super heroics and 3/4 bad junior high romances. Each season should have been half as long just like Stargirl was. 13 episodes leaves no room for filler and it was the filler that drove me away from the CW.

I did however always return for their yearly movies where several shows like Arrow and Flash and Heroes of Tomorrow and Supergirl got together to do a five night epic adventure.

So I enter this pilot of Superman and Lois with trepidation because I want to like it but I don't want it to turn into 'My Two Super Sons meets Riverdale.'

But the show surprised me by being a really solid Superman and Sons pilot. I kinda was hoping they would have a daughter but that I can forgive. One Super Son is a charming jock with a pretty girlfriend and the other is a sullen moody loner with night terrors and attachment issues. Any guess which one will go evil first when he learns he inherited super powers? Unless of course the daughter of Lana Lang, Sarah, who has lived in Smallville all her life and can be his kind girlfriend that brings him out of his shell and leads him down the path of good. I can see that teen romance coming from a mile away.

After the death of his Mother, Clark and Lois decide that a move back to Smallville will be the best thing for their family right now, especially after both are fired from the Daily Planet. These situations set a nice foundation for a series with a pretty high concept. The boys hate it of course for their own reasons.

Then a farm accident reveals everything. Then everyone's life gets more complicated and that makes for a solid beginning to a solid family drama...with SUPERMAN.

In fact the first episode gets right to the question as to if a SUPERMAN even deserves a 'normal' life. He is too important to the world for that and the guy telling him that is General Lane, Lois' own father so things are personal here. He thinks his daughter is selfish for doing what is best for HER and not the planet. Clark is clearly being pulled in two different directions and the conflict between family and hero is what makes this one interesting from the jump.

"You may have fallen in love with Clark Kent but you married Superman and Superman doesn't get to have a normal life." - General Lane

I know my Superman. More than any other character I have read mostly Superman comics. That choice is in many ways deliberate. Superman is the model of how to be a hero. He could have ruled the planet but instead he does everything he can do to save it. That's a direct quote from the Batman. 

You can imaging how many different incarnations of Clark's life that I have seen. For the first time in a long time I was surprised but in the best way. Superman is not such a super Dad. What a concept. None of his faulted powers gives him any defence against teenagers and their angst and their questions which they have more of everyday. I mean if they were smart kids they would realize that when their Dad takes off his glasses that he looks EXACTLY like Superman. I mean their Mother never figured it out but come on. TWO KIDS - not one brain between them.

Now if the kid has powers, the popular kid, can't he hear what is parents are whispering about him by now. Those sense come first before flight. Just saying.

There are many amazing moments but none cooler than the discover of a certain object in a certain farm cellar by the twins. NOW we got us a program. Then comes the BIG reveal we have seen a hundred times before. The story sounds stupid when told to two kids but to ME, it was MYTHIC.

The superhero effects are cutting edge as Clark meets a foe who might be his superior and has all the advantage against him just when the boys are enjoying their first teen party in Smallville.


Wow...just wow. I think I am in love with this show. I can't wait to see what happens next. 


Rob R said...

I enjoyed it too! I am most happy with them fixing the damn cape and how it attaches at his collar. That always bothered me with an otherwise decent costume.

Chase March said...

I completely agree. I'm very happy with how this show has started. It's upsetting to see people hating on it and bigging up the Justice League director's cut saying that this isn't their Superman. They should give it a try. This will be way better than that retread.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It's like they learned from the other shows and reach for our hearts right from the onset. I like that Clark CAN'T do everything. He has limitations and now superpowered teen angst. That is a fresh take on the Superman mythos so I am in.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

How can anyone complain abut this without watching that pilot. It was solid and exciting and realistic for a superhero story dealing with some great ennui which we rarely see from Superman.