Sunday, March 14, 2021

SAS. Red Notice

Sometimes you watch a movie just because you like the actors in it. This one started with Ruby Rose and Andy Serkis so from the high action trailer and European locals, I was there from the start.

Ruby Rose is the daughter of a crime lord who is betrayed on a job and gets her revenge in the worst kind of way - the way where she proves she is smarter than everyone else except the ONE guy with the same training that she has only he is royalty of some type.

Ruby has some pretty sharp bangs that only harshes her disposition. And that same hairstyle? It's called ACTING. You can wear a nice wig like the Black Widow and it wouldn't kill you, Ruby. After all, you are essentially playing that character here only you are an evil Black Widow.

Oh no, our hero has a best friend who is sure to die in a couple of minutes along with a girlfriend that just happens to be on the same train to Paris that he is on. Of course to up the stakes, this is the weekend when our hero will use his grandmother's ring to ask her to marry him. Of course she is a doctor. I can see where this one is going up the block.

It basically turns into Die Hard on a train and in a tunnel. We have seen it all before but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. The cat and mouse battles between our hero, his SAS buddies and the terrorists makes for some great action sequences and of course complications, all kinds of complications.

It was a tense operation. I didn't hate it despite how goofy it got at the end when I realized what kind of escape plan Ruby had come up with. Never would happen in real life...EVER! Nor would anyone survive all the stuff this couple goes through on what should have been a happy little trip to Paris.

Totally unrealistic and unbelievable but, again, that is not a bad thing if they ended the movie fifteen minutes sooner because this one went off the rails and it went off them fast.

Now someone just has to tell me where all the snow and forest came from. How does a person run from Calais to the Alps in three minutes? Tell me what I missed? That ending came out of nowhere but some hack writer's ass and defies all that came before it.

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