Wednesday, March 17, 2021

The Lost Pirate Kingdom

Two weeks ago I got a great six episode education in the AGE OF THE SAMURAI from Netflix. Talking head historians combined with historical recreations provided a pretty thorough basic understanding of an important time leading up to the Unification of Japan in the late 1500s.

This time in THE LOST PIRATE KINGDOM, we get another six episode education but this case it's the age of piracy along the Spanish Main starting in 1715 and the loss of Spanish treasure ships. This is the real story of the Pirates of the Caribbean with historical recreations.

Like in AGE OF SAMURAI, the historical story focuses on several of the most famous historical pirates while telling the larger historical context that they did their work in. It's a fascinating tale if you love this age of history as most all of us do. Knowing the greatest political and economic events at the time rounds out the lesson. Again, it's like attending the best first year History of Pirate classes at University. I so want to see a whole number of historical eras done is this easy to digest format.

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