Thursday, March 18, 2021

Zack Snyder's Justice League

I have hated the idea of a Snyder Cut ever since the idea was first proposed. I thought we didn't need to improve on a movie that was not so terrible to begin with. It wasn't as great as a Justice League movie should be but this is the DC Universe we are dealing with here. Their live action triumphs are limited to animation and some TV shows based on their properties. Their movies, however, always seem to be lacking something. It seemed unlikely that Zack Snyder could just come back and fix all that ailed this film when it was first released. It seemed like an ego trip and a waste.

Did Zack Snyder fix all those problems? No. It's more like he took something that was already about 90 percent completed and did some editing, added some stirring music and expanded every heroes part in the same story he was telling all along - one that spends a lot of time with our team involved in one fight after another. I expected a lot more team building but that didn't happen. Just villain building with our first view of Darkseid, the Thanos of the DCU.

So what I am saying is that Snyder didn't reinvent the wheel here, he just doubled the length of a film we had all seen before and to do that he had to flesh out more of the story while preparing for a movie future for these DC characters. I saw none of the extra 70 million dollars added to the cost of the film up on the screen. Most of the changes and additions are cosmetic CGI at best. However, it just FEELS like a better movie because I am suppose to feel that way about it. I felt manipulated all along to like something that they didn't have to work so hard on getting me to like.

I don't know if that makes any sense but that is how seeing this movie made me feel.

I am left with wondering how great his 'cut' would have seemed if Snyder had to make CHOICES and cut two hours from this film so that it could be shown in theatres just like every other director is forced to do. That is why I think this will only ever be a stunt and movie companies would make a huge mistake thinking this is the new direction at all for filmmaking. Any money spent on this film was only done to position it better for a possible Justice League 2 - something the Joss Whedon 'cut' never made certain.

Did they re-edited this movie just so a badly cast Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor could set up a sequel? Dear Lord don't tell me that wasn't the only reason.

How long is the wait now for the FIVE hour version because I noticed a few scenes missing from the original film? If they are re-inserted with even more scenes of characters using their superpowers while moving in slow motion, you can easily drag out the story even longer. One movie can be released in endless variations at this point.

I am still annoyed that I needed to see a daily story plastered all over the entertainment social media for the past five months while waiting for the 'cut' to be released. I am not asshole enough to say that the movie has not been made better be all these 'improvements' because it has been. Did we need it to be fixed? That is something that should have happened long before the film was released the first time.

No one knew this year would be so crappy so maybe the movie had way too much pressure on it in the first place just like the high expectations Wonder Woman 84 suffered from. For this reason alone I think that people will be surprised that the Zack Snyder cut is not the dumpster fire I was hoping it would be and rank the movie higher just because they were not terribly let down.

My mind is in that place right now. Let me know what you thought of the film if you have seen both versions.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Director's Cuts (or as in this case, Replaced Director's Cuts) are usually vanity projects that are not worth the time to watch. Sounds like this holds true here too.

Monc said...

I might be in the minority here, but I thought the theatrical version of "Justice League" was good and enjoyable (I saw it three times in the theatres). If it had been released before 2012's "Avengers", then THIS would be the team-up movie everyone holds up as a example of how it's done.

Debra, I agree with you. A director's cut is the cinematic version of the quarterback who lost the Big Game in high school wanting to go back for a do-over.

I guess I'll watch it, though. Not like there's a surplus of new content these days.

Rob R said...

SPOILER WARNING: I’m still confused by Martian Manhunter pretending to be Martha Kent to “resurrect” Lois Lane rather than actually helping the Justice League team. At least he reached that conclusion in the Epilogue. I wish Bruce would’ve asked where the hell he was while the Steppenwolf fight for the planet was happening. Also, the next time Lois sees Martha, it’ll be a strange discussion about whether Martha stopped by to visit or not... And I really did not like how they edited the Flash introduction... what was with the creepy Scandinavian singer sniffing Aquaman’s discarded sweater... I read ZS’s explanation for filming it in 4:3 format, but it still bugged me... I have so many complaints like these and could continue on... yet I still didn’t hate it! Still haven’t seen WW84; am curious how it will compare.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I didn't hate it hate it either but for a movie I had already seen and with daily hype I expected more of a magical experience. It seemed like he was auditioning to make the next two films which is all but a lock. I feel manipulated. I feel the actors got taken advantage of and I don't find the guys dark aestetic all that entertaining to begin with. So many plot holes. I don't get why people love it so much.

Now WW84 I loved while many many many hated it. Best you don't see it or you will lose all respect for me when you too hate it.