Tuesday, March 9, 2021

We Are Back With A New Podcast


After a two-month hiatus, WE'RE BACK! What? Did we go somewhere nice? Yeah, sure. We went to Cancun. NO! What do you think? We're Canadian. We endured the winter as all patriotic Canadians do! But spring is coming and we're talking about RUSH LIMBAUGH, Alex Jones, PINNOCHIO (and I plug a very good Canadian short film called WOODMAN made by a buddy of mine). We cover DOCTOR PIMPLE POPPER, Lola Bunny, MISTER POTATO HEAD, Hugo, Doctor Seuss, CPAC, Ted Cruz, COVID ENNUI and the vaccinations that can't come fast enough. Calvin reviews a Korean film called THE SWORDSMAN, and a Netflix series THE AGE OF THE SAMURAI. We also review the CW's latest DC superhero show SUPERMAN & LOIS. Sure, it's a lot of rambling nonsense, but it's GOLD PLATED rambling nonsense! ...and it's part one of a TWO PART SPECIAL! Look for part 2 very soon!

I had to include these two short films as we were talking about it this episode.

Hear my argument about the changes to Lola Bunny which I hate.


lord mikolaj said...

WHAT!! No mention of Pepe le Pew? Since he is French, is he not an honorary Canadian?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I think we mentioned that rapey skunk.