Saturday, March 31, 2012

I Am Having A Love Affair With My Garlic Baquette

I restrict my intact of bread during the week. You have no idea how incredibly difficult that is for me. In the winter mornings I love to have a hot chocolate with 2 pieces of raisin toast. Galic bread gives me an erections and a fresh long loaf of fresh garlic baquette just about has me making reckless sexual choices.

However in all the excitement at finding a jar of hot banana pepper rings, I forgot about my garlic stuffed olives in virgin olive oil. That is what got me out of the cave in the first place. GRRRRR.

I DID find a small bottle of Disaronno Italian liquer though. That little bottle of 28% alcohal packs a bit of a punch for a guy that doesn`t drink. Well I have the occasional vodka and cranberry because booze made from potatoes is the only thing that doesn`t make me violently ill the next day.


DrGoat said...

I guess I have to start eating more garlic bread.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Once you do it will make you a whole new man - only with stinkier breath and thinner blood.