Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Really Only Ever About A Redheaded Local Girl

If you are fan of the British series SHERLOCK and you like a little fan fiction where Sherlock and Watson take their relationship to a whole other level, check out her Tumblr. Lots of frisky Cumberpatch goodness.

If you just want some really funny observations of life from a real live supergirl then check out her blog.

Only the coolest people in the 'Cave of Cool'.

The Cumberbitch Sandwich: Wherein Martin Freeman is the other half of the sandwich, and Cumberbitches are the filling (Andrew Scott is acceptable as a substitute for Martin Freeman). I'm Kyna, by the way. Kyna rhymes with Weena, not Vagina. I'm a flaming Conversexual. I like to say fuck a lot. I like to talk about penises and Benedict Cumberbatch. Usually in the same sentence. I can and will turn anything into sexual innuendo. Press the follow button at your own risk. This blog may cause uncontrollable ladyboners.

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csmith2884 said...

Her blog is invite only and has been for a few weeks. I did not make the list. She does make me laugh.