Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Magic That Is Me

Let me share the fun day which will be my tomorrow. Since 10 PM I have been fasting because I need to take some stupid glucose test that requires me to get my blood tested, drink some juice, then wait two hours to get my blood checked again.

I am taking my mini DVD player to watch a movie. They better have a plug in that waiting room. If they give me any grief about it I plan to have a nervous breakdown right in front of them. Well a great, tearful anxiety attack at the least. Peeing in a cup AND a show? That's just a good afternoon of living.

I have this irrational fear that my blood monitor has been faulty all this time and I will find that my normals levels have been an illusion. Or someone will mix up my sample and I will find I am pregnant...again.


Belle said...

I hope you can watch your movie while you wait. Better take a book, just in case. Good luck with the test.

DrGoat said...

Luck. Watch a good one, but a book as backup, as she said.