Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's A Good First Step But What About All The Pink Slime I Have Already Eaten All These Years?

Noodles in beef gravy with chunks was one of the best school meals ever. It stayed with you for 24 hrs. I feel so betrayed by that angry lunch lady. Do you think she knew the secret all along or was she a willing dupe of the MEAT MAFIA?

OMG, all those military MRE (meals ready to eat) I have had are probably tainted too. I have eaten nothing but ammonia hydroxide treated filler all this time? Are the fish sticks and chicken fingers even safe? At this point I might at well go on a full Soylent Green diet. It's the next step in cost saving nutrition.

Lean Ground Beef’s Pink Slime Production Stopped

While Tyson Foods, Inc. describes the product as lean beef with a fine texture, the inexpensive meat filler that has become known as pink slime will no longer be used by a growing number of food distributors.

The filler is made of meat that is heated and processed to remove fat. It is the use of ammonia to protect the product against bacteria that raised public concern. The food company says the filler is safe according to food regulation and suspension of its use will create a small reduction in the meat supply. Meat costs are also expected to rise.


Margaret Benbow said...

Umm, so, what is the matter with pink slime beef again? Noodles with beef gravy and chunks was my favorite school lunch! I think PETA people are behind all the hysteria.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

It's just scraped off the floor, spun at high speeds to remove the fat, pressed into blocks and treated with ammonia hydroxide...just like nature intended. I understand it's a leaner cut of perfectly good pet food grade beef. When did we all get so picky?

csmith2884 said...

A couple of the rules I live by..know you butcher and make him your friend, we buy 1/2 cows cut to order so I know what's in my ground beef. Often I grind it myself. #2 Know your fishmonger and make him you very good friend. Fresh fish is good fish. Oh and Cal my friend, chickens don't have fingers.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

My dad was the same way when it came to meat. Cuts to order is the way to go. I do love that brown paper they wrap it in too.

Paladin said...

People get all hopped up over the craziest things. They read the words "Ammonium Hydroxide" and think ... "Oh my god, I use Ammonia to clean my toilet. Those two things sound the same, so someone must be poison me!!"

Ammonium Hydroxide has been used to help make all kinds of foods safe for over 30 years - from cheese to meat to baked goods, etc. Its passed every safety test you can think of by the US and the WHO. Some genius with twitter account starts a "movement" and demands change and off we go to stupidville.