Saturday, March 31, 2012


I may not have students, children or friends of my own but I have never had a problem celebrating the successes of others - especially people I am close too.

I remember the relationships being the best part of teaching. When it came time to give out the awards it was great to see good people get recognized for their efforts. Validation is really the greatest gift you can give another person.

In that spirit I reblog the images and comments from last night when Canadian sweetheart, Danielle, got what she deserved. She really is the `cat`s pjamas`.

I love following her life. Another example of only the very coolest of people, places, things, and events get featured her at the 'Cave of Cool'. Our gift to you for all your loyalty.

Me and the winning male student accepting the scholarship/award. There will be professional photos up on the school website in the next week or so. My dad took this one, haha.

This is boyfriend Michael. He charmed the Mom and Dad, which we all know is the most important quality anyone can demand from a mate. He is the exact type of guy I would have chosen for Danielle if given a list of qualities.

Another in what will be a lifetime of rewards and accolades. Yeh, I am a fan - so what? The girl is magnificent, just like most of the girls in your life. If you have one of these rare and precious creatures around you, take the time to let her know how magical she really is. I guarantee you cannot tell her things like that enough.

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