Saturday, September 29, 2012

Calvin Head Explodes In 3...2...1

I just finished watching the first episode of season five of the fantastic CLONE WARS series. The show documents the time between Phantom Menace and Return of the Sith when Obi Wan Kenobi was at his prime and was Master to Padawan Anankin Skywalker, the future Darth Vadar.

Just when I think the action and adventure couldn't get anymore manic and intense I am proven wrong. The re-introduction of Darth Maul to the Star Wars Universe has been nothing short of amazing. I finally understand the RAGE of the Sith and the NOBILITY of the Jedi. Both sides are not all powerful and suffer significant loses in their first major encounter. I was riveted.

If you have never watched this series you need to give it a chance. Five seasons and not a bum episode in the lot. My favorite elements are the portrayal of R2D2 (as the bravest astrometric droid in the galaxy) and the internal struggles of the Clone Troopers, the genetically engineers soldiers of the Clone Wars.

I rarely discuss my love for Star Wars because it is my dearest heart. I don't even collect ANY of the toys. Think about that for a second. I NEVER argue the movies and their various deficiencies with anyone. I just choose not to.

Clone Wars started as a neat little movie in this clean animation style that appealed to me. The computerized design of the characters and the so-called Expanded Universe is gorgeous to look at and the sound effect and music are all enhanced on today's high definition televisions. I have a big screen one myself that I reserve for such shows. THIS is the kind of entertainment that your kids should be consuming. Each episode is a lesson in friendship and sacrifice and family and honor and duty. AND AND AND AND AND - I could spin the superlatives all day.

I have the feeling that this was one project that George Lucas left for other people to manage and create. It has no taint from his direct touch and that viewpoint only enhances the man's vision.

As fans know - it's one HELL of a vision.


The Flying Dachshund said...

I know I know... I HAVE to get caught up with this some time... I owe it not only myself, but my son who is starting to get interested in things like Star Wars, Green Lantern, and Ninja Turtles... One day... One day... Seriously!! I just have to find a way to get all of the previous seasons so I can catch up!!

Kal said...

Wait until he is into it and watch it with him. They will keep and still be as amazing in the future. I really hope you do share it with him. It'll cement your relationship.

Kal said...
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Hobgoblin238 said...

My friend...I feel the same way. But here in Mexico I only get to see them on DVD. I REALLY want season four when it comes out in October. I have watched them twice all the way through. I love this series. Hopefully I will see some deaths in season 5 of main characters. Ones that we do not see come Revenge of the Sith. I want Ahsoka DEAD...THAT would push Anakin over the edge. I DO avoid all spoilers which is great. I watch the DVD like a virgin.

Kal said...

I don't hear much after Ahsoka AFTER the Clone Wars so I suspect she will not have a happy ending to her story. But she got to meet Chewbacca, that's a good thing, right?