Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Am Just Happy To See People Care About SOMETHING

But the NFL labour dispute is what makes you all so crazy? Not heathcare? Not the wars? Not the election? It took ONE bad call to make all of you lose your collective shit? I have to remember not to be surprised anymore because this says everything you need to know about what is REALLY important to people. Bread and Circuses bitches. I am not sure, is the NFL supposed to be caring about the players now? To hear the owners say they brought back the refs to keep the players safe is laughable.



M. D. Jackson said...

Did Canadians riot when the Government decided to put a tax on EVERYTHING? Did Canadians riot because the RCMP killed a helpless Polish man?

No. We rioted because the Canucks lost in the Stanley Cup Final.

Now with the NHL lockout I shudder to think of the chaos into wich this country will be plunged. The streets aren't safe.

Just sayin'

Kal said...

I forgot about the hockey lockout. It's gonna be a long winter for some people. Junior hockey is better hockey anyways and I only watch that at Christmas time.

Drake said... DO NOT MESS with our FOOTBALL!



DrGoat said...

I heard on NPR this morning that the 'ref (scab)' that made that bad call is a Bank of America Exec. in California.
We are really circling the drain.

DrGoat said...

In the Packer/Seahawks game.

Kal said...

So you are saying he did the ref job as a hobby?

Debra She Who Seeks said...

They sure settled that labour dispute quickly, didn't they? i.e. once the Big Boys lost big gambling money because of that call.

Kal said...

Follow the money. Always follow the money.