Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Calvin's Christmas Haul Part 1

I love that all the Kim Possible toys come with a comb so that I can comb her hair and my mustache and beard at the same time. This one even talks. The box is a bit beat up but for ten dollars I can deal with it.
Before there was Jack Kirby there was Fletcher Hanks. His work has always fascinated me because of how bizarre it is. No fan of comics should miss the contributions of this maniac. Not only does this volume showcase Hank's weird comic book work but also gets into his personality as a truly awful human being who was abusive to both his wife and children. I can't explain to you all the strange parts of this work but you can read a good in depth review HERE.
I will spend hours pouring over the great art in this thick volume. I so wish I had the skills to do art like this instead of just being someone who can only idolizes people who are so creative.
I do like the superhero buttons and this one was an extra in one of my orders. When I am homeless I will add them all to my wool coat and let the tourists take pictures with me. If anyone of you have superhero buttons to share, I would trade you a shiny new looney for your gift.
Anyone who has spent any time on my blog knows of the man crush I have on President Teddy Roosevelt. I have long been on the search for this quality figure and was able to get him at a great price several months ago. I had totally forgotten that I had ordered him before opening the box today I can see how fantastic the figure is. The clothing is so well made and the body itself is solid and substantial - like the GI JOE figures of old. Of all the Anniversary figures, this one is the best. If the George Washington is only half as cool as this guy, I will be very happy when Honest George arrives.
You can never have enough Mars Attacks figures in your collection.

I now have enough Caption Action figures (with the addtions of this Arctic Adventure figures)  to dress them up in all the costume sets I own. I only wish the costume sets would come out at a more regular basis. I am still waiting for the Loki and Thor dress up sets.

Oh Power Girl. Is there really any question why I would need her in my Bishoujo statue collection. I now have ten girls from this set and as collector pieces, they are very valuable and double in value the moment I pulled them out of the mailing box. Usually I don't buy figures for their resale value but with these, paying 69 dollars a piece, it was a strong consideration to pass on these. They only come out every couple of months so I figured I could make the investment and glad that I did. They display so well and are beautiful to look at.


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sweet haul!

Kal said...

And I still have a few more boxes to open. I didn't get any stickup or a luffa sponge like I always get.

Super-Duper ToyBox said...

Damn, Alright!

DrGoat said...

Nice stuff. Like the Mars Attacks figure.

david_b said...

You can NEVER have enough Mars Attacks figures.. They'll always vie for 'Best Action Toy Line Ever' status.

Unknown said...

Happy holidays, Cal!