Sunday, December 30, 2012

I Deserve This Milestone

Kinda cool seeing this number of page views. I think it means I have gone insane - I never do anything half way so I shouldn't be surprised that blogging is no different. Can you imagine what I could do in this world if I used my powers in a productive way? Insanity and genius is separated by a fine, fine line my friends.


Average Per Day999
Average Visit Length2:32
Last Hour29
This Week6,994


Average Per Day2,048
Average Per Visit2.1
Last Hour69
This Week14,339



Wings1295 said...

Holy crap! That is nuts! Congrats! Gonna make it 3,000,000 by the end of 2013?

Chase March said...

The 2 million dollar man, if only that translated to money, eh?

Congratulations Kal!

DrGoat said...

That's a fantastic. Congrats. Sometimes I think that insanity may be the only way out.

Kal said...

Insanity keeps my demons at bay. They don't want to mess with me.

Money would only spoil things Chase. I would get all douchy and entitled. Best to keep me hungry and humble

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Are you gonna call yourself The Two Million Man now?

Kal said...


Jeremy [Retro] said...

who has two thumbs and is the man... you the man... here i am braggin' about 100,000... you are king cal!

Kal said...

I don't really look good in purple so that may not work for me to be King...but EMPEROR, he can wear any damn color he wants.

Paladin said...

You're looking good, Cal. Success agrees with you. Should be smiling, though :)

Tempo said...

It was not long ago you were waiting for the 100,000 to click over. It seems to have passed so quickly... Now youre going to start stressing about the 300,000 arent you..

Kal said...

Oh no Tempo. I have follower problems to worry about. I need just 3 more follows to reach 550 and you think the Gods in their infinite wisdom could at least do THAT for me.

Glad you all have been with me since those heady first days.

What do I have to smile about Paladin?

To paraphrase Bruce Banner, "That's my secret Captain, I'm ALWAYS moody."