Saturday, December 29, 2012

Spider-Man Update

Never saw this one coming. Apparently Doctor Octopus found a way to switch minds with Spider-Man leaving Peter's brain inside Doc Oc's own dying body. But Peter had the last laugh. As he was dying he used Doc Oc's technology to make the villain experience the hero's life and now Doctor Oc has Peter's sense of responsibility - along with all his powers.

So things didn't work out quite as Doctor Octopus planned. Peter may have died but Doc Oc found himself promising Peter that he would do the right thing. He would not be a SPECTACULAR or AMAZING Spider-Man but a SUPERIOR one - hence the title of the new Spider-Man title - SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN.

After 700 issues that's it for Peter Parker - until of course they find a way to bring him back. No death in comics is ever permanent (except for Uncle Ben's death of course) and I am sure the creators have written themselves a way to return Peter's mind to his body.  I have to admit that I am interested in seeing how this all plays out.

How will Otto fool all of Peter's friends and family? How much influence will Peter's memories have on Octavius? Will he be forced to become a hero against his will? I have to hand it to Marvel, they certainly are taking chances with their newest NOW line. I haven't been this excited about a Marvel comic in a long time.



Unknown said...


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Wait WHAT?! That seems a rather unceremonious way to conclude our heroes life. Dying, and its not even in his own body? Compared to all the other crap Pete's gone through over that past fifty years thats pretty cruel.

I like the idea of a brain swap actually having some consequence, but this is just too weird. Not to mention after the renumbering of Action Comics and Detecting Comics they're axing one of the world's longest running comic magazines.

Kal said...

It was a huge shock that I thought I would hate but I am intriqued. I know they will bring Peter back but until then I want to see what happens.

I too hate the loss of the sequencial numbering. It's an accomplishment that pay tribute to all of those creators that came before.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I guess I can't complain too much since I haven't been keeping up with current Spidey since "Civil War". I actually liked the idea of Peter going public with his identity, because it had a lot of potential possibilities but the aftermath was not handled well.