Thursday, December 27, 2012

I Hear Ya Ralphie Boy


Paladin said...

Speaking of swimming pools and guns, I've been wondering about something.

I live in the south, and there are lots of pools and lots of guns. Even if you don't own either of those- chances are you will come across them both from an early age.

If you post video on the internet of you teaching your 9 year old water and pool safety, so they don't drown, you're a hero of good parenting and will be applauded by liberals.

If you post a video on the internet of you teaching that same 9 year old safe gun handling at a shooting range, you're most likely to be excoriated as a bad parent for encouraging "violence", someone will threaten to call CPS, and you just might get called a hillbilly at the Cave of Cool.

Why is that?

Kal said...

That is only ONE of the things that gets you accused of being a hillbilly around here.

I just think that the pool can't kill anyone else but the gun can. I say scare the hell out of a kid about guns until they are at least 16. I don't want him feeling comfortable in the least handing such a deadly weapon, especially when they are at a friends house whose parents are not as careful as you are in storing their firearms.

That is also the reason I don't think you should have poisonous or deadly snakes around a baby.

Paladin said...

Are you suggesting that a policy of "just say no" is affective in dealing with temptations kids face as young teens?

A Conservative hearing that from a Liberal.... you gotta admit that's pretty funny.

Teaching kids gun safety doesn't leave them feeling "comfortable" about what a gun can do. Not if you do it correctly. When I taught my daughter about guns she learned to respect what they can do and that it is HER RESPONSIBILTY to make sure accidents and negligence don't occur. I'll do the same with my granddaughter in a few more years - and I'll be remarkably unconcerned with anyone's opinion on the matter.

Know what contributes to gun accidents?

Having kids see people shoot at each other in movies and on TV with no one getting hit, or getting up and walking away when they are. Seeing hot girls in photographs posing with guns (cuz its cool) with their fingers on the trigger and muzzle pointed any which direction. Having their only exposure to firearms be in a Rap Video where some Gangbanger holds his gun sideways and waves it around because it looks badass.

All those things contribute to gun accidents, when there is no one willing to offer a counter point to the nonsense.