Sunday, December 30, 2012

Year In Review - January Thru April 2012

One of the great things I do at this time of year is going back through my many many posts of the past year. Here are the highlights chosen by our crack staff here at Cave of Cool Inc. If you are interested in the reviews of my favorite movies just click the titles.

Grumpy Cat

The perfect symbol for our troubled times.

Mark Ruffalo in The Avengers

One punch - 'nuff said. This movie had every reason to fail but it worked in spectacular fashion. A new bar has been set for superhero movies and that is great for every fanboy out there.

POP! Vinyl Action Figures
Low cost, great design and fantastic packaging all add up to a winning line. The fact that they have  the license to do so many popular characters means there is something for everyone to love here. I have never been a fan of this 'cute' style but these won me over right from the beginning.
Selena Gomez

Despite her continued flirtation with the Idiot Bieber, she is still the hardest working girl in showbiz. When the hell is Spring Breakers coming out? I need to see how my best girl deals with this grown up role. She knows exactly what she is doing with her career and with all the attention on her she hasn't lost her mind. That in itself is admirable.
The Clone Wars
I have such faith in the future for the Star Wars franchise because of how great this program has been over the past five seasons. Proof that George Lucas isn't the only one who can do justice to his vision.
Justified Season 3

This series holds nothing back and anything with Walton Goggins is going to be gold. I never know where this one is going and that is a thrilling thing even in this Golden Age of Television.
The End Of iCarly
No show entertained me so consistently than iCarly. Well written and acted and often laugh out loud funny, I will miss it now that it is gone. I have high hopes for the spinoff, Sam and Cat, featuring Sam (Jennette McCurdy) and Cat (Ariana Grande) from Victorious.
Colossus By Marvel Select
Marvel Select puts out some of the best action figures around and this Colossus was the cream of the crop for me.
Canadian Kids Send Lego Man Into Space

Nazis from the dark side of the Moon. Not as great as the concept promised but better than we had any right to expect. I followed this production for years and was very entertained by the results. The trailer is also the best one I saw all year.

Comic Panels Of The Year

Why Everything Sucks

DC Nation Shorts

I so hope they get back to making these fantastic shorts but with DC you never know these days that anyone in that company can spot quality and exploit it.

Best of Cosplay Part One

I reposted my favorite captions HERE if you are interested in seeing my genius again.


DrGoat said...

Absolutely can't wait for Justified. I crave that show.

Kal said...

Weeks away my brother. I have to watch that crazy last episode from last year to get me all primed.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Craig Ferguson is DA MAN!

Kal said...

Oh yeh, his cold openings are genius. I love when him and the other two guys do music.

david_b said...

Love Craig Ferguson as well. He's the only guy that can swell up laughter from the entire audience, just by looking at 'em funny.

THAT is talent.

Love his sidekick, the skeleton. WAY too cool for nightly television, but we are blessed.

Too much here to comment on singularly..

LOVE the Marvel Legend and Select figures way too much.., replaced all my vintage Mego figures on the shelves and I had some vintage beauties. Not to fret, they're still lovingly packed away, meticulously stored with my vintage 1:6 GI Joes, Action Mans, and AT vehicles.

Wife makes me keep 'em down to a tolerable couple dozen next to my guitars.

Kal said...

It's pretty great just looking at everything isn't it. I have been moving all my stuff around and I am quite a happy horder.

Now those classic Joes are what I miss most. After I got that Teddy Roosevelt I was reminded just how great those toys were. And the VEHICLES! I had it all.

Jordan said...

So can you help me out with the Marvel panels? Who's referring to whom, on each of the two pages?

Kal said...

They are talking about the person in the next panel.

Hawkeye talks about Wolverine, Wolvering talks about Spider-Man, Spidey talks about Captain Marvel and so on. First they say the perception of the hero after them to the right and then the truth about the same person.

So Logan is a crazy mutant ninja to most people but is in reality a selfless samurai warrior.

Does that make sense?

Jordan said...

It does. Thanks, Cal. I figured something like that was going on but I'm just not up-to-date enough on the Marvel Universe to understand whether they were talking about each other in pairs, or about themselves, or what.

P.S. Happy New Year, my friend! Someday we'll meet like McClane and Al at the end of Die Hard.

Jordan said...

Just re-read the pages. That whole "grudging admiration" schtick just never gets old, does it? Like throughout The Avengers ("Call it, Captain," Stark says at the end, after all their bickering) or in Star Trek (Spock calling Kirk "Jim," or, at the end, "It would be my honor, Commander"). Great stuff.

Kal said...

I particularly like the smile on Wolverine's face when he talks about Spidey. He has a soft spot for that kid.

Meeting would be fantastic. But who is McClain and who is Al? Don't answer that.

Mike D. said...

I want to be James Franco....sigh...

Kal said...

You want to be James Franco in the Army? LOL

Mike D. said...

Hells yeah!!!