Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Age Of Ultron - Book Three

Thank you for actually giving me a comic where the last page was a surprise. After three issues of gloom, I suddenly had hope for a victory. That is good writing from a guy I was pretty tired of but this could be Bendis' best work in a long time. I have never seen the heroes so torn apart by what has happened to their safe little world. They are fucked. They are decimated. Their strongest are all dead but they died good deaths. How do you fight a robot with feelings and ambitions as devious or noble as any human. I have hopes this one keeps getting better right to issue 12. I AM INVESTED HERE MARVEL so tell me a good story and make me love you again. Ultron getting what he's always wanted was inevitable given his evolution as a sentient machine. His evolution would reach the point where he HAD to win and destroy all human life on the planet. I have to see how this stories ends.

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