Sunday, March 31, 2013

Daily Reminder - There Are Many Other Fish In The Sea

And all of them have nothing but your worst intentions at heart. They seemed only designed to open up human flesh. Stay on land. It's the reason you exist. If you were meant to be in the sea, you would have gills instead of lungs. You can read about this guy's buddies by going HERE.

There are creatures on this Earth so horrific that they strain the boundaries of human imagination. The Payara is so unearthly and shocking that it might be explained as Count Dracula in fish form, or an aquatic sabre toothed tiger. Growing up to 4 feet in length and weighing up to 30 pounds, the little known Payara or “Vampire Characin” possesses fangs up to 6 inches in length which it sinks into aquatic animals in ferocious lunging attacks, sensing the location of internal organs as it precisely drives in the fangs. Humans swimming in the Amazon River could potentially be stabbed through the heart or suffer a collapsed lung in a Payara attack. Payara are becoming popular sport fish, partially due to the danger presented by the unimaginable fangs, and were nicknamed “Cannibal Piranha” due to their habit of preying on closely related Piranha.

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