Sunday, March 31, 2013

I Think I Love That Clara...

And I don't care what any of you internet snobs think. She kicked ass as did the Doctor. The adventure was goofy and scary with music that took me over the top. If I was 14 this would be the greatest thing I had ever seen. It's smart and I hurt for those who just don't go with it. I find I enjoy this latest incarnation of Doctor Who so much better the second after I stopped bitching about it.

Jenna Louise is golden. She's a one in a million find like Rose Tyler was. This is going to be fun. I love the doctor's purple coat and that special, one of a kind bowtie. Sweet hoverbike and an ending that makes me wish I could move foward in time one week to see what happens next.


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D.I. Felipe González said...

Oh no, Spoilers!
I´ve just finished downloading it, will watch before I go to sleep tonight.