Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I Deserve A Plate Of Chili Fries

Because I did my weigh-in today and I am down five pound.


Mike D. said...

Yesterday my wife went on a bus trip to Atlantic city with the seniors...she helps her elderly Mom with the particulars and so on. So I was on my own for dinner. So I took a trip to Wendy's been awhile since I went to a burger joint as I'm watching my weight and have to control my blood pressure , gout and blood this was a treat...yes I got chili...yes I got fries and put them together and then got some melted cheese... I had some chicken nuggets and a double with everything...I'm gout flare up. I'm sure my sugars are through the roof though. But if my blood pressure went up I can't tell as I was totally relaxed after I'd gotten home....ahhhh. I won't be pigging out at a burger hell joint for quite some time now. But I is sassified for the time being.

Kal said...

I have ridiculously perfect blood pressure (they always take it twice because they never believe the numbers) and I have my diabetes under control so I am due a feast like yours.

Mike D. said...

Bon appetito