Monday, April 1, 2013

This Business Will Get Out Of Control...


But as it goes, I am happy not to have these comics in my collection. The compromises you would have to go through to entertain fans of both properties would be impossible in the hands of any human - except maybe Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Mel Blanc, Alex Ross, and George Perez.

Kieth Geffen as the head writer would have to script this with help from Mark Waid and Bruce Timm to make it even close to readable. The two worlds just don't translate. into each other without losing what made each world interesting in the first place.

And don't just tell me you love Batmite because you don't, none of us do. He's just a convenience way to get Batman and other heroes to do wacky garbage before setting everything right again. Damn tricksters are nothing but trouble.

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The Flying Dachshund said...

I love Batmite from the last episode of Batman The Brave and the Bold when he was hanging out with Ambush Bug!! That episode actually made me appreciate both of the characters in a way I hadn't before... But as a regular Bat-character in the comics... You're right... Not especially... Just because of how dark The Bat is now... (perhaps he could work in the '66 series....)