Saturday, August 31, 2013

Comic Pages Of The Day

Oh sure. Kill of Damian Wayne (The Fifth Robin) in the main DC Universe but bring him back to life in Earth 2. If he was good enough to live in this mutant DC Universe that the World's Finest comic is set in he's good enough to still be alive in the regular DCU. Thanks again for that screwgie, Grant Morrison. Earth 2 is not a bad comic but it's very uneven with pointless total reimaginings of classic characters. No Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman. New versions of the Flash and Powergirl but regular Huntress (who is this world is also a child of Bruce Wayne). - I find more to annoy me about this series than delight me.


Cap'n Carrot said...

Actually this comic was before Damian's death and although both Power Girl and Huntress are from Earth-2 they have been trapped in the regular universe.

Although some of Worlds' Finest has been uneven at times there's a lot to like about it including the strong female leads which at their best remind me of Gail Simone's old Birds of Prey run.

There are also a couple of great issues with Huntress and Damian including one with the pair working together shortly before his death and forming a nice bond that could have been developed for years without Grant Morrison fucking everything up by killing Robin, and another of Helena loosing yet another member of her family and grieving at Robin's grave.

Kal said...

My connection with this series it hit and miss. Thanks for the clarity. Now I have to read more. Don't get me started on the Idiot Morrison. I hate that guy like no one since Liefeld.