Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Glau, I Love You But...

I don't know about you going onto one of my current favorite shows - ARROW. I understand that she will be playing a business rival for Oliver Queen. It will be great to see her back in action but let's be honest - this girl, as pretty and talented as she is, is the KISS OF DEATH to any genre program she is a part of. Let's check the list shall we? But let's be clear, she makes all these shows better by being a part of them but it's like the curse of cancellation has been put upon her.

Firefly - 14 Episodes
The Sarah Connor Chronicles - 31 Episodes
The Cape - 10 Episodes
Alphas - 4 Episodes
Dollhouse - 4 Episodes
The 4400 - 8 Episodes



Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

It seems like theres a weird sense of stunt casting in genre programing like this. I logic seems to be "this actor is known among the sci-fi community, lets cash in on that cult status by putting them in our budding sci-fi show."

"SeaQuest DSV" was probably the guiltiest of guest casting this way. "Gargoyles" cast a lot of "Star Trek" alumni but since that was voices and targeted at children, I don't know that it was something they using as a gimmick, at least not at first.

Timothy S. Brannan said...

Actually I don't think she can act.
Everytime I see her it is the same wooden performances.

Maybe that makes me less of a geek, but I don't care.

Kal said...

All opinions are fair game here.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

she is an angel... blame fox for terminator, dollhouse and firefly.

the cape was awful... not sure on the others.

The Flying Dachshund said...

Maybe this will break the curse?

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

She did audition for the Pink Ranger role in 2002 but didn't get the part, landing the gig with "Firefly" instead. Exchanging one geek cred for another. Though I doubt she'd have been a stand out there as that was when Jonathan Tzachor was running the show and is best known for his insistence on direct translation of the original Japanese scripts, resulting in some incredibly wooden dialogue.

Kal said...

I think ARROW is strong enough to survive her. I wish they had less endings where there is a soulful conversation between two characters. I want more cliffhanger endings.

Love me some Pink Ranger. Oh Amy Jo.

Mahri Tanneberger said...
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Mahri Tanneberger said...

Summer Glau is an incredible actress. She pulled of a PTSD character with River Tam without even doing research on patients with PTSD. Then she had to play an emotionless cyborg after that. In between she did the Initiation of Sarah and we saw a greedy, jealous, ambitious, evil-like bitch. Who ever says she can't act is only because he want's to set himself apart from fer fandom. He could just be tired of seeing Summer Glau everywhere or he is simple a stupid Troll!

KevinInScotland said...

The author of this article does not have a brain. He is a sheep that copies what other people say and tries to take the credit for being a smart ass. Oh yes, he is a smart ass alright but who wants to look at a hairy ass?
I thought the people that copy other people's thought were weedled out but there is always another arsehole that writes the same thing.
My advice to the writer of this article is "get a brain, do not copy what other people say and try to be unique in what you say. Then you might get some respect but as far as I'm concerned you are just another pillock".

Unknown said...

Same old, same old.

This "joke" is older than the dinosaurs. It's about as funny as an Ebola diagnosis and anyone who calls this type of writing journalism is an idiot.

Try to write a story not report speculation and assholery. Unless that's your repertoire of course and in that case you should probably shut up.