Saturday, August 31, 2013

Sour Toe Cocktail

In Dawson City more than 65,000 have consumed a cocktail with a human toe in it.

Dawson City, Yukon Territory- This is one event that you'll never forget. Dawson does indeed have a famous drink called the Sour Toe Cocktail, which contains an actual alcohol-preserved human toe. No kidding. Head to the Sourdough Saloon at the Downtown Hotel and you can watch this strange ritual, or for $5 you can try the cocktail yourself and earm a certificate. This started in 1973 with what is said to be the toe of a miner, which had been amputated in the 1920's. To participate and earn the official certificate, the rule is 'You can drink it fast, you can drink it slow—But the lips have gotta touch the toe.'

This has been a tradition for the past 40 years in the Yukon. But now the tradition has taken a twist after an American tourist actually swallowed the toe! Yes, that, right. Someone is digesting a piece of human jerky and will eventually crap out the toe. Isn't that cannibalism?

Now that is only half of the story. It just so happened that the night this all happened, my very own Mother, my Aunt, my cousin and her husband had just drank the cocktail when the American guy came into the bar and swallowed the toe. She actually WITNESSED it! That is insane. Who else but my mother could watch some yahoo swallow a mummified toe? Now the bar has to get another pickled toe and surprisingly those things are not something you can just buy at the nearest 7-11.

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