Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh Canada, We Stand On Guard For Thee!

How can I love a single image more? A redheaded symbol of Canada wearing the glorious uniform of the Mounted Police? It doesn't get better than that in this Canadian Cave of Cool. But the best part was that Danielle sent it to me. She was at one of her billion temp jobs and she got to play with some Barbies today. (??) I haven't got the full story yet but it was neat that she when saw this doll she thought of me.
She has a lot on her mind these days and still took a moment to email me and tell me about this action figure part of her day. Made me appreciate the friendship I have with her even more and makes me think off all the great people that comment on this blog or message me something on Facebook or just like something I reblogged from Tumblr or Facebook. It's those little things that feed my spirit. I don't tell people that enough. 
She collect owls. Everybody collects something. I didn't realize she knew I collected action figures. Now I have to track this one down you understand. Officer Barbie has her place reserved next to my Teddy Roosevelt figure. I think they make a nice couple.
Speaking of nice couples. This one has gone and met herself a great guy and is meeting his parents this weekend. Just wait until they get a load of her. She's the real deal. I have no doubt that afterwards his parents will pull this boy aside and tell him to hold onto Danielle like grim death. Because if he loses her, the angels can only weep for him.