Friday, December 27, 2013

My Favorite 'Angel'? Cheryl Ladd

Of all the beautiful women to ever be on the TV one of my all time favorites was Cheryl Ladd. I came home from Europe one year after the whole Farrah Fawcett thing exploded. Farrah and her iconic hairdo were gone from the show before I ever watched an episode. So my first experience was with Cheryl Ladd as a part of the team. Like Barbara Eden, Julie Newmar and Mary Tyler Moore before her, Cheryl got me warm in my sweet spot. Unbelievably beautiful, she first appeared in Hawaii in a bikini getting wet under a shower.
Wow. That pretty much set my 12 year old brain on pause. It's amazing that I don't automatically find girls that look so pure and wholesome as Cheryl more attractive than redheads. Maybe she can't be improved on in my mind. Maybe she is my all American blond bombshell for life and to be honest with you, I got no problems with that.

I remember going to the K-Mart in Brandon Manitoba and perusing the poster and black and white 8x10 photos they kept in the 'celebrity' section. I had most of these hanging in my room at one time or another.
She even put out an album which you can hear by going HERE.



j-swin said...

You're crazy, Jaclyn Smith had it going on.

Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Sadly "Charlie's Angels" was a bit before my time, so if you were to ask me who my favorite angle was I would likely say Tanya Roberts on account that the first time I saw her was in "Sheena" were she was completely nude. I'm sure you can understand that bias.

Cheryl does have an amazing face, even today, which is very impressive for someone who was in their prime over forty years ago.

I can immediately see the appeal though. She has that sweetness, but has a slim lining sexiness to wet the appetite, particularly in these shots of her without pants. Shes like the embodiment of when you discover that the girl next door is a certified woman!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey Cal, I'm in Brandon right now! Alas, the Kmart is no more, of course. I spent time shopping there too.

BTW, named your blog for an award today over at my blog.

It's cold as hell in Manitoba, even colder than Alberta. Bastards.

Kal said...

Glad to hear you from the 'old country'. Thanks for the award. I would say I don't deserve it but we all know that isn't the truth.

Debra She Who Seeks said...


Super-Duper ToyBox said...

She was a hottie, but Kate Jackson was the cute one ;)

Cap'n Carrot said...

Have to agree Cheryl was an under appreciated Angel. Great classic pics btw!