Monday, December 23, 2013

This Is Taking Cosplay Too Far

A woman who wanted to look like an elf has had an operation on her ears to make them more pointed.

Melynda Moon, 23, believes she comes from a different realm and was a fairy in her past life.

She paid £250 for the operation that she feels will put her back in touch with her mythical side.

Ms Moon - who also had her name changed by deed poll - had the tops of her ear cartilage skinned and pieces cut from the tips to form points.
This gave her ears the triangular tips characteristic of the magical figures in her  favourite film, The Lord Of The Rings.
The treatment lasted two hours.

Stitches holding the whole ensemble together stayed in for a couple of weeks to allow the skin to fuse - and the result was fully 'elven' ears.

Now she can only play Elves or Vulcans.


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

My college sweetheart had pointed ears too (not as cleanly uniform as this), though this was the result of a botched piercing so she almost always were a hat or combed her hair over it.

profsafety said...

AND Romulans.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Hey, whatever floats her elven boat.

Jeremy [Retro] said...

her clock just rang... coo-coo!

Unknown said...

A gal this lovely can make the point ears work is all am saying. : )

DrGoat said...

Perhaps there is also a point on top of her very pale head, although I agree with Debra. Whatever floats the old elven boat, down and over the falls of Rauros.

david_b said...

Aaaaactually..., I've seen those ear mutilations with the 'big hole' at the ear lobe area, and once I even saw one guy's ear lobe that was like 'two pieces' dangling down (like the big hole broke at the bottom.., ewwww and EWWWWWW).

This is nothing.

DrGoat said...

Yeah, that ear thing is pretty icky.