Thursday, November 27, 2014

Cold Cuts

The Good Wife is still fantastic television with some of the best writing anywhere. How a joke about Alicia wanting to knife a teacher got turned into political maneuvering was the best stuff I enjoyed all week. And can Kalinda PLEASE kill Bishop and have done with it?

I can't just seem to watch Gotham. I am several episodes behind and just can't seem to pull the pin. Why can I not get excited about this show. It's as good as FLASH but maybe has no heroes to root for. I know I can't wait 18 years to see him become Batman. I need Bruce' journey to be compelling.

I mean one day he will have to face Darth Vader.

The newest video from the Super Power Beat Down web series—which pits heroes and villains from different fictional universes against each other—has the guy who used to go by Anakin Skywalker facing off against Bruce Wayne in a duel to the death. If you're mad about the ending of this clash, you should know that the outcomes are decided by vote before these fan films are shot.


Unknown said...

Just remember Kal the show is more about Gordon than it is Bruce and you should be alright...Also you watching Constantine? another great show if your not brother.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I know that Constantine will be cancelled so I am saving up the season in file to watch when I need a binge show that died. I do like him owning the Helmet of Fate.

Unknown said...

Yeah having Fate's was a nice touch and the future Spectre, Jim Corrigan was just on too.