Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Four Classic Batmobiles

Batman Comic Books: 1939 – Original Red Sedan

Bruce Wayne’s car first appeared in Detective Comics #39 from May of 1939 in “The Case of the Chemical Syndicate.” However, the first time the term “Batmobile” coined by co-creator Bill Finger was used was in Detective Comics #48 (February 1941), based off of a 1936 Cord 812, a red convertible.

Batman Comic Books: 1941 – Black and Blue

Jerry Robinson (creator of Batman rogue Joker) created the next Batmobile, originally appearing in Batman #5 from March of 1941 (cover date) in “The Riddle of the Missing Card.” Basing the main design off the 1936 convertible, Robinson added a miniature bat hood ornament and bat-shaped battering ram. The colors changed from red to a solid black and dark blue pattern.

Batman Comic Books: 1943 – Bat Logo

The “1940s Batmobile” standard was originally designed by Dick Sprang and first appeared in Batman #20 from December 1943/January 1944 (cover date). Batman #20 holds the first “Batmobile cover,” with Batman and Robin in the car. The black Studebaker-based car included red stripes on either side and a Bat-mask symbol grill and a dramatic roof fin.

Batman TV Series: 1966 – Crime Fighting Gets Campy

The “Classic” Batmobile from the Batman television series is based off an original 1955 Lincoln Futura, designed by William M. Schmidt. The car transformed into the Batmobile thanks to George Barris of Barris Kustom City in 1965, a year before the show’s debut on January 22, 1966. According to Barris’ design, the car was a sleek black with a red line with bubble canopy, attached with dozens of bat-like gadgets and outer accessories.

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