Saturday, November 22, 2014

Final Episode Tonight For Season Four

For four seasons my Saturday nights have been dominated by one program - Hell on Wheels. Two seasons ago they started the episode with our hero, Cullen Bohannon, making his way over the top of snow covered peak just so he could find a route to take his railway because Bohannon is a railway man and he always will be. He will die before he allows himself to fail.

He's a hero and the best man for any job. Not just a gunfighter but a man smart enough to know when NOT to use a gun. He's the one everyone looks to for strength. He's pulled off more heroics and saved more people to make him Governor if he could only get the votes of everyone he has come into contact with. He's a great movie cowboy and someone to admire. That is a MAN. Where is Anson Mount's Emmy Award??

The only thing that bothers me about this show is that I never got the chance to share it with my father because he would have loved this 'duster'.

Even Bohannon's enemies are formidable.
The SWEDE is the scariest guy I have seen on TV.
There is a reckoning coming before the end.
**Hell on Wheels is an American Western TV show about the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad across the United States. The series follows the Union Pacific Railroad and its surveyors, laborers, prostitutes, engineers… who lived and died in the mobile encampment called “Hell on Wheels” that followed the railhead west across the Great Plains. Specially, the show focuses on Cullen Bohannon (actor Anson Mount), a former Confederate soldier.
I do admit my bias as you all know that this show is filmed about 100 miles from where I live. This is my land and country, bitches. This is how we conquered the West at one time.


Mike said...

I was really impressed with the shows cinematography. Some of the shots are truly beautiful. Another thing I was impressed with is that you never know who is going to die. Main characters are killed off without warning, so don't get too attached to anyone.

The show is not very fond of religious people though. I'm curious to know if the writers ever went to church. Season four is not on netflix yet, but Im looking forward to see if they portray my people the Mormons any better

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I will tell there are Mormons I hated and Mormons I had huge respect for. In fact a Mormon saves the day because he has the strength to stand up for what was right. I can always respect that move.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I hope they don't burn the town at the end of the show. I want it to be used for movies and TV shows in the future. Why did the burn the church? That was a nice building.