Thursday, November 27, 2014

No Canadian Would Ever Get This Ink

First of all because we all realize that as a true GANGSTER doesn't have to say he is a gangster and a true LOVER doesn't have to brag about his skills, a real CANADIAN needs no external identifiers other than a touque and maybe a pair of mittens. You can always spot us in a crowd. We are the ones picking up the garbage and putting it into the proper receptacle for recycling. We say please and thank you. Sometimes our breath may smell of beer and moose jerky.

Unlike our reputation as a sweet and kindly group, we also have the stones to take out a murderous gunman who entered our Parliament building. But you will never see our Sgt at Arms, Mr Vickers, taking credit for the kill like the Navy Seal who took out Bin Laden has been. It's just a different approached to our accomplishments. We are a humble people who don't need to brag to the world that we are great. Everyone already knows that we are.