Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Remember - Wool Socks Made Good Mittens In A Pinch

I have to say that my favorite time of year is not Christmas. It is the days that follow a huge snowfall in places that don't usually get snow. I am talking about places like Vancouver. They always show the same bad drivers sliding backwards down the same steep icy roads and I can't get enough.

Then there are the Americans living in places where a meter or more of snow is unusual. I like hearing the stories and watching people try to get over huge snowdrifts left by plows that have no idea how to remove that much snow.

Even those who are in the Northern states are getting hammered this time around. Lake effect snow is a bitch when the warm lake water meets polar chilled air. That is a recipe for the perfect heavy snowstorm.

I love snowstorms. I like lots of snow. Unfortunately we haven't got that much this year. We seem to be in a zone that is avoided when nearby places like Calgary get dumped on. It's all about geography. Any good meteorologist will tell you that.

So stay warm my brothers and sisters. Move inside. Turn up the heat and wear a sweater. Dress in layers if you go outside. Dry feet are a must because there is nothing worse than a 'soaker'. Keep your pets indoors. Be good to the people you live with. Summer is only six months away.



david_b said...

Loving the Tundra, cannot wait for more this season.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Do you hate the heat as I do.