Thursday, September 8, 2016

I Finally Found A Use For The Idiot Trump

Some times you read comments you made late into the night. Sometimes these are the ranting of a madman but sometimes there is a germ of a good idea. One that would solve all our problems.
What follows is what I wrote. Again thanks for all the support I am getting from my people. Only the coolest in my tribe.

(Ah, I am just another fool tossing away his memories for a few thirty pieces of silver. Next it will be kidneys and skin and blood and sperm. When does it end.

And after thirty years maybe my collection isn't all that hot.

Maybe all I have to look forward to is when they do a piece on me when I am 100 and still have no Oscar Goldman or ROM Spaceknight in my collection. I know the reporter will ask to see them and I will have to shake my head and say..."NO"

I mean people must die. These things are SOMEWHERE still mint in package, complete. Why can't I know where they are. Why can't I make the deal of a lifetime. Damn if Trump wasn't such a numnut I would put his sneaky and criminal mind to this task. Get him to do my dirty work by promising to give him lost of money when the job is done. Then we stall him or stiff him outright like has done so many others. Opps. Did I revel my plan?

Well if he does my bidding I PROMISE him the black vote. That's what HOMEBOY wants anyways. He's always been for the blacks. Many serve him for minimum wage in his may resorts and eateries. He would rather go to court than pay what he owes. It cost him less in lawyers fees than to settle his debts. Where is that story in the media? Yes, that is the maniac I want running my sale. Just so I could slap the two older boys, romance Invanka and sue Trump when he is done being my bitch.)

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DrGoat said...

Many search for the elusive ROM Space Knight, me included. And don't kid yourself, you have an epic collection. It is the obelisk of your jubilee. (Yul Brenner said that)