Monday, September 19, 2016

Now I Am Selling Graphic Novels Online

I am first starting with local Kijiji and my Facebook groups to see if anyone local is interested. I even thought about putting some of these on consignment but that doesn't seem to be the way to go. Once I get past this phase I will go online and try to sell these as lots of the same character. Or individually which seems like a lot of work to do per book. But I put in a couple hours a day doing this stuff and organizing the pictures and doing all the record keeping. It gives me something productive to do.

Basically I live in a small spaceship on it's way to Mars. I know where all my stuff is because when it goes missing it is not that difficult to find...usually. Today I lost the data card to my camera. I know it's here somewhere BUT having already being driven to the point of madness tearing this command module apart makes me want to just woosh myself out the nearest airlock. Now I have to take ALL THOSE PICTURES again. Not to mention the last couple months of stuff. Plus my toys that I was selling pictures. Damn this trying to be a better person bullshit is just that, bullshit. When all my hard work can be gone like that. And I have pictures on my computer but THAT memory card was a lot of time out of my life.

White person problem I know. But god damn. I don't bother no one.

I post these pictures here to keep a record but to also let any of you know that these are for sale if you are interested. $15 for the smaller ones and $20 for the larger ones. Most are softcover but in magnificent condition.


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