Friday, September 9, 2016

Oh Wow, Look, Another New Invention. It's Call A PHONE. Seems Like The Same Phone They Sold Last Year But What Do I Know?

You dumb phone people cheered the LOSS of something and it was sold like they were doing you a favor having to buy their crappy wireless earphones when your old ones work just fine. Where the hell is the Jet Pack??? That could be controlled by you precious phone and that is something that actually HELPS ME. Where is the phone that measure my body metrics so that I can be fixed early like in Star Trek? Measure and test my urine so I KNOW THING BEFORE THEY BECOME BIGGER THINGS. He's a head twister. Why not sequence my DNA so that my future health could be predicted. What horrible disease or condition is most likely to kill me? Now that would be fun to know. But gather DATA that can be used to once again HELP ME? Now THAT would be change. That would be a whole new device. We wouldn't even call it a phone and it would be worthy of your cheers. If it all worked of course.

Why do they need to change a phone every year?? It's a cult. That's what it is. And I know that even now Facebook Robot is squealing on me to Apple Robot and they will both give me the digital screwgie. VIVE LE REVOLUTION. I don't need the keyboard. I can write script. And I can read books. Before I posted images at my blog I made collages and I can do it all over again. So don't get so smug Apple.


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