Friday, September 16, 2016

Pay It Forward Reading List Day 2

Paul has great taste in comic books. I have a ton of Conan and Thor and man other great anthology comics from Gold Key. Gold Key may not have had the greatest art work inside the comic book, their painted covers were always top notch. It's what drew a kid to the spinner rack and influenced many a choice I made. Any action comic also got my attention.



DrGoat said...

Nice variety of neat comics. Sgt. Fury always had great covers. Shooting Nazis and stuff. Doesn't get any better.

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

Remember those days. We could actually call a Nazi a RATZI and no one got all in your face because of it. ALLIED LIVES MATTER.

Margaret Benbow said...

BOO to this fake Tarzan! I read all the Tarzan books and
know for a fact that Tarzan never looked at anyone but Jane.
He was definitely never on top of a high column dicking around
with some torn-bodice blonde. Jane had dark hair worn in a bun.