Saturday, November 12, 2016

The 2016 John Lewis Christmas Ad

You all know how much I hate Christmas. Mostly because I feel like the Little Match Girl every year because I can only look into the happy families that I am not a part of. It fills me with a rage like you can't imagine. For that reason I am shocked that this advertisement from NZ filled me with the spirit of the season. It's very well done and I appreciate the comedy and the effort to make their point.


Fiendenstein said...

Its from Britain, over here there's a huge influx of which department store can create the most heart warming advert.

The only thing that annoys me is clickbait sites are all "Store (X) has just won Christmas" or "STore (X) Who? Store (Y) destroys all other Christmas ads".

They're Christmas adverts, about Christmas, cant we have more than one nice advert and all just get along, because there are more important things right now, also, its about Christmas!

I can mail you some of the good ones if you like?

Cal's Canadian Cave of Coolness said...

I just discovered this tradition and I love a good ad. Like I said, I am not a Christmas person since my Father passed but these get my Grinch heart to grow three sizes. Sure I would love to see some of the best ones.